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Registration is now OPEN for the Lincoln Theatre Association's PATTERNZ SUMMER CAMP, a camp designed to spark creativity and a passion for the arts through experience with multiple art forms.

Facilitated by graduates of the Lincoln Theatre's Artist Incubation Program and CATCO is Kids! educators, campers will begin each day with affirmations of excellence, then rotate through workshops in dance, theatre, music, and visual arts. At the end of each week, campers will put on a program for their families to show what they've learned throughout the week.

Lincoln News

Saturday, July 28 | 7 pm

The Lincoln Theatre Walk of Fame will memorialize the three visionaries responsible for the historic venue's rescue, renovation, and 2009 reopening–Michael B. Coleman, Bill Conner, and Larry James.

The Lincoln Theatre’s Community Conversations Presents: Art or Propaganda?

The Lincoln Theatre’s Community Conversations is a free series designed to generate community discussion on a variety of interesting questions surrounding the arts.

Fox28: Cam Around Town: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Dispatch: Lincoln Theatre program for artists teaches nuts and bolts of business

“The idea was to create a leadership initiative that emerging artists might go through and learn all the aspects of entrepreneurship,” said Larry James, board chairman of the Lincoln Theatre Association.

The sessions are highly practical, and often involve subjects to which artists have given little thought, such as protecting their work through copyright laws.

Former President Bill Clinton
Visits the Lincoln Theatre

General Manager, Suzan Bradford toured with the Former President–check out her first person account of the experience in the latest blog post. Click here.

Artist Production Development Workshops

More information coming soon!

Workshops include four classes offering one-on-one Q&A and networking opportunities with consultants and theatre staff.

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